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  • Jason Hesley

Out today: Veiled Metamorphosis - "Tentacled Void Of Infinity" (Dying Sun Records)!

"Veiled Metamorphosis" emerges as a monumental fusion of talents with Vitriol and Grave Desecrator at its core, merging the ponderous depths of funeral doom with the raw essence of first-wave black metal.

Veiled Metamorphosis with Vitriol and Grave Desecrator's combined forces, presents their album "Tentacled Void Of Infinity", a melding of funeral doom's depth and first-wave black metal's rawness. This collaboration, born from the distinguished backgrounds of Nihill and Necronomicon, forges a soundscape of monolithic guitars and abyssal vocals, embodying an all-encompassing spell of darkness. With the album's limited release, it invites listeners to a unique auditory experience that pushes the boundaries of metal. Available at Dying Sun Records.

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