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  • Jason Hesley

Out Now: Black Spells - Transcend to Ascend!

A raw, no-frills offering of traditional Second Wave black metal that draws on elements of death metal. A release with the potential to become an underground cult classic.

6 hate filled incantations to the abyss in the style of the old ways. Grim guitars tuned high, buried bass, and dry and primitive drums blasting slowly through hellish shrieks. Take the pact and earn your place in hell with BLACK SPELLS

Released independently on May 5th, 2023.

Message From the Artist: “With feet firmly planted in the ancient ways, Black Spells invokes forth demonic power with each track on this album and leaves you wanting more. High tuned and grim guitars from NT (Nythroth), pummeling and slow blasts from JM (Plaguehammer) and hellish shrieks from Black Priest of the Goat, Black Spells brings forth a sound that is not only evil and malevolent but also well crafted and purposeful. Each song is a dark incantation that take's your soul deeper into hell”

About the Album

Unstoppable power duo Nicholas Turner (Nythroth) and Jared Moran (Plaguehammer) return once more to the realm of black metal following 2022's Feral Lord release. This time they are joined by vocal powerhouse Black Priest of the Goat (ex-Ceremony) who brings a whole new level of raw power to the mix.

The trio find their root influence in traditional Second Wave black metal; however, they tie in numerous death metal elements (in tone, technicality and raw aggression) and even the occasional thrash and heavy metal flourishes. While the overall composition of the music may be somewhat simplistic and the album devoid of any frills or progressive elements, all of this works in its favour. What the listener is treated to is a puristic, yet well produced offering of traditional black metal with a raw biting edge and enough catchy moments to keep you hooked throughout its 29-minute run time.

The mixing on the release is just as important as the individual elements that it consists of. High tuned guitars, buried bass, and dry primitive drums all sit at perfect levels in the mix to allow them to shine. The vocals have such a raw bite to them that they cut through the mix like a blade through flesh, tearing at the fabric of the tracks as they pour forth, spitting venomous incantations and curses.

The album almost feels as if it were a lost black metal gem from the 90s, the type of album that ends up being uploaded to YouTube by some guy who finds it in a secondhand vinyl/CD store. Once its online it blows up in select circles and becomes an underground cult classic, a benchmark for testing someone's black metal knowledge.

Overall, this is an album that should not be missed by anyone who appreciates traditional, pure black metal and enjoys hints of death metal sprinkled into the mix. Listen to this and loud and listen to it multiple times, an easy task given its runtime.

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