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  • Jason Hesley

New THIRD EYE Album, "Vengeance Fulfilled"

Danish progressive metal band, Third Eye, returns 12 years after releasing their debut album Recipe for Disaster, with an even darker soon to be metal classic. Their upcoming new album, Vengeance Fulfilled, is full of intense and captivating musicianship, killer vocals and most importantly amazing songs.

Third Eye (Denmark) was formed in 2003. After a lot of hard work by the band during the creative process, the critically acclaimed debut album “Recipe for Disaster” was completed and released in 2010 via Escape Music.

There was some lineup changes in the following years. During the recordings of the second album, singer Per Johansson left the band. After searching for a new singer for quite some time, they finally found a perfect replacement in the amazing Tiago Masseti .

Now the long awaited follow up album is a reality.

Vengeance Fulfilled will be released on January 27. on CD format via Netherlands based No Dust Records for Europe and US based Animated Insanity Records for North America. A 2LP version of the album will be released in summer 2023.

Third Eye – “Vengeance Fulfilled” album tracklist:

1. Ashes in the Rain

2. At the Break of Dawn

3. Forest of Lies

4. Even the Gods Cry

5. Vengeance Fulfilled

6. Pages on Fire

7. Impending Doom

8. Fire and Lightning

9. The Silence of Indifference

10. Rise from the Waters

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