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  • Jason Hesley

NECROWRETCH Summon the Root of All Evil on "Ksar Al-Kufar"

Necrowretch were forged from the blackened and most deathly pits of hell. These putrid French sorcerers recently announced their fifth and fieriest offering with "Numidian Knowledge", a double-edged blade of riffs and shrieks hot enough to peel flesh.

Today, Necrowretch are opening another fiery pit to hell with "Ksar Al-Kufar". The second single off Swords of Dajjal opens with a gloomy intro before dive-bombing straight into destructive blast beats. Catchy tremolo picking gets plucked out of the sky by the talons of an ancient dark omen. 

As there stood a tree

That grew from the bottom of Hell

Ksar Al-Kufar   

Watch the smoldering video for "Ksar Al-Kufar", which was filmed on location in Ethiopia and Morocco by Mounit Chraibi:

There's black metal. There's death metal. And then, there's NECROWRETCH.

The French band combine the best of both worlds into music made straight from the depths of hell. After setting a merciless pace with Satanic Slavery and The Ones From Hell, Necrowretch are back and ready to slice open a devilish new chapter of blistering blasts and piercing riffs with Swords of Dajjal.  

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