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  • Jason Hesley


Upon revealing what was supposed to be the final lineup for Milwaukee Metal Festival 2024, the festival still has a surprise up its sleeves and is now welcoming DORO, ROSS THE BOSS and ATHEIST to the already stacked lineup!

Doro "The Metal Queen" Pesch got her start as the singer for Warlock, which was formed in her hometown of Düsseldorf in 1983. Since then, she has solidified her place among the greatest figures in rock and metal, slaying audiences around the globe under her eponymous banner. This will be her first appearance in Milwaukee in several years and she will be replacing Destruction, who can no longer make it.

Ross The Boss is one of the crown jewels of the New York City punk and metal scene. Known for his role as a founding member of both Manowar and The Dictators, Ross has always displayed an impressive, multi-faceted ability to adapt as a guitarist and keyboardist to any genre. His eponymous metal band will now grace the stage at Milwaukee Metal Fest and lay down their vicious brand of heavy metal.

Atheist is among the purveyors of Florida death metal, known for their jazz-laden technicality that appeals to both fans of the progressive and the extreme. As the band works diligently on their long-awaited fifth studio album, which will follow up 2010's critically-acclaimed full-length 'Jupiter,' Atheist is back on the road and is set to take the stage for a spirited performance at Milwaukee Metal Fest.

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