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  • Jason Hesley

Mayan Metal Outfit DEATH SCYTHE Release New Single "Ek Balam"

Today marks a monumental moment in the metal music scene as DEATH SCYTHE releases their latest single, "Ek Balam," an epic blend of melodic death metal and ancient Mayan lore. This release promises to captivate listeners with its intense musical journey into the heart of Mayan civilization.

The band elaborates on the legends that inspired the single: "'Ek Balam,' a musical tribute to the Mayan deity, unveils the mystical aura of a cosmic jaguar. Amidst the celestial canvas, Ek Balam emerges as the guardian of the night, the keeper of time, and the protector of the skies. With fiery eyes and a cosmic essence, Ek Balam symbolizes the seamless connection between the earthly and celestial realms. The lyrics narrate the legend of this divine jaguar, a powerful and enigmatic entity gracefully dancing among the stars, resonating with an ethereal melody in the expansive tapestry of the night."

Recorded with precision and passion, "Ek Balam" stands as a testament to DEATH SCYTHE's musical evolution and their commitment to exploring the connections between history and heavy metal. The artwork accompanying the single draws heavily on Mayan iconography, featuring symbols and deities that evoke the ancient world's complexity and mystique.

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