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  • Jason Hesley

Litost to release Pathos on March 17th!

Ripping themselves apart and with their hearts on their sleeves, Litost release Pathos, an urgent and existentialist second album, with which they fully convey their permanent state of tension.

The drums were recorded by Luis Varo at BlackStage Studio, and the rest of the instruments and vocals by Manri, their founder, guitar, and singer. The mixing and mastering have been done by a specialist like Javi Félez at Moontower Studios, and the cover and artwork are the work of Pablo Ruiz Valls.

The result is a rough and melodic album in equal parts, depressive and desperate, that stirs your guts with black metal, death, and crust, skilfully combining fast hits with a dark and orchestral passage like ‘Vigilante Del Abismo’, the oriental ‘Barján De Céfiro’, or ‘Vendaval’, another instrumental track.

“The general concept of the band continues to revolve around ‘Litost’ as a word in itself”, they explain, “a term coined by the Czech philosopher Milan Kundera and related to introspection and human misery”. In this way, “combining it in that first album with the word ‘Ethos’, which comes from classical philosophy, we seek both in the musical and lyrical part a union, with open messages, and express about human nature and condition using several factors such as remorse, suffering, misery, nostalgia, sadness, or compassion”.

Litost are like an arcane root that grows inside you, feeding on negative emotions, and that, before you know it, has already destroyed you from the bottom with its balance and honesty.

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