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  • Jason Hesley

Kreator: 15 years of "Hordes Of Chaos"!

Fifteen years ago, the thrash metal legends Kreator, led by leadsinger Mille Petrozza, created a remarkable work: "Hordes Of Chaos". From the beginning of its creation, the album was distinguished by two unique features. Firstly, the band chose Moses Schneider as the new producer, and secondly, the album was recorded completely live in the studio. This approach gave it an authenticity and energy that are rarely found in today's music landscape.

The Distinctive Sound of Kreator

Even though "Hordes Of Chaos" is not necessarily considered the best album in Kreator's discography, it nevertheless combines everything that defines the band: fast, hard riffs, technical finesse, precise drumming, and Petrozza's distinctive vocals. The themes range from war and destruction to political and social criticism. They express not only anger and frustration but also encourage reflection on the state of our world.

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