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  • Jason Hesley

KHAZAD DÛM to release "Khásma"

With "Khàsma", the brasilian duo Khazad Dûm reaches its peak by today. That's not your average old school album. Style coordinates are pointed towards first-wave Black Metal with strong influences from NWOBHM and Doom Metal. A pathos of epicness, atmospheres, rage and melancholy permeates the whole record. The dynamism of the composition doesn't excessively sacrifice the old-school structures of the songs, but enriches them through melodic embroidery and strenghtened rhythms. FFO: first-era Bathory, Venom, Saxon, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Pagan Altar, Trouble.

Originally released in 2019 but lacking of a proper edition, Masked Dead Records and BloodRock Records gave new life to Khàsma through a remastered CD edition with bonus track.

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