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  • Jason Hesley

KARPATHIAN RELICT already released brand new studio album titled "Never Be After"

KARPATHIAN RELICT (Ukraine/Poland, based in Sanok, PL) was formed as Orthodox in 2006 by Bogdan Lewicki and Andrzej Czujko. Under that name "Forever Not Yet" was recorded in 2009 - and later released in early 2011. After 2 years of stagnation, where Bogdan and Andrzej moved to Poland – Orthodox was reformed in 2013 as KARPATHIAN RELICT with Patryk Olbert (bass) and Adrian Mięsowicz (vocals). Later, they released "Beyond The Over" (2017) and re-released "Forever Not Yet" (2018). In the next few years - their journey continues - creating new music, and playing with several amazing musicians – to finally settle down with Bartek Oleniacz as a guitarist, and later on with Mateusz Baczek on a bass position.

Last Saturday - September 9, 2023 band released new studio album titled "Never Be After" on all digital platforms and CD together with MusikÖ_Eye and Metal Exhumator. Buy here, CD is also available at Season of Mist webstore.

The album contains 8 tracks in which the core is our preferred style of death metal music. In th song "The Moth", as a guest Eliza Kuźnik (KSU) plays on violin.

Drums were recorded by Piotr "Koła" Dorotniak at Stodoła Studio (Poland). Music was mixed and mastered by Adrian Mięsowicz (Tribe Five Studio) who was responsible for sound on live show recorded for 44th anniversary (BluRay 4K) of the oldest Polish punk rock band KSU. Cover artwork and layout by Michał "Xaay" Loranc (God Dethroned, Kamelot, Nile).

Band commentary: "There will be admixtures of technical death metal and progressive music. In a few places, there will also be instrumental interludes on instruments not often found in extreme music, but we will not reveal the exact details. We hope that the listeners will also share our excitement and together we will make it to the publication of all tracks.

The new album is a reflection of what we like to listen to ourselves, and since each of us has completely different tastes, we tried to combine it in some way. We hope that the new album will give listeners a lot of fun discovering what is recorded on it and will make them want to come back to it again and again and again and each time it will be a new experience in communing with our music and new discoveries."

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