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  • Jason Hesley

KALAHARI's ''The Swarm'' Stands in Defense of Diversity!

The road is taken and no one can stop KALAHARI! Modern metal vibes are now an integral part of the band’s sound, as you can listen in the brand-new single The Swarm.

However The Swarm is not only a cool track, but stands in defense of those who struggle, in an increasingly conformist society, to affirm their individual freedom, whatever it may be. The singer Nicola Pellacani declared about this issue:

"The Swarm" wants to call out all of those who condemn what and who is different for them. This song wants to be a wake-up call for the people who are giving up on their passions and feel like they must smoothen their edges just to fit in. We want to remind you that differences are what make us fun, what make humans beautiful. So, say a big loud "NO" to those who do not accept you the way you are and do not worry, the world is a big place and you will always find someone who will want to be by your side, no matter how weird you are. Much love from your boys.

The Swarm has been recorded at The Grid Studio, mixed by Jonathan Mazzeo, and mastered by Christian Donaldson. Artwork by Gino Annichiarico.

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