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  • Jason Hesley

Invoke (Portugal) presents DEO IGNOTO (LP)!

After presenting the single FILHOS DE UM DEUS DESCONHECIDO, (Childern of an unknow god), on December 25th, Invoke presents the album DEO IGNOTO to celebrate the band´s 25th anniversary.

Pedro Leal Dias, lead singer of Invoke, describes what the audience should expect from DEO IGNOTO “... the songs are very heterogeneous, loaded with emotion and feeling. With powerful and harmonious riffs, with speed, synths and many other surprises in between. It's an album to enjoy! And so, the public that listens to us, in this album, should be prepared to travel through a set of sounds, without pre-constructed pretensions or thoughts.”

Pedro Leal Dias explains how he came up with the idea of releasing this album at this time and how the name for the album came about.

”The idea of launching this album comes from the fact that Invoke turns 25 years old. And as such, we had to mark this date/event with something that made sense to us. We know that live concerts, “at this point”, are volatile, so we decided to mark the date with a set of themes, which go through the band's history. It brings together various feelings throughout the themes and glimpses a little past, present and future of Invoke. Very heterogeneous, but “down to earth”.

The name of the Album comes from the lyrics, it is an extraordinary mixture of myths, legends, gods, paganism and we wanted to bring it all together, about the pretense of ignorance. Unknown God, or Deo Ignoto in Latin. “

Tracklist: 1: Hinos de Glória 2: Irmandade de Guerra 3: Ruínas de Outrora 4: Glória da Vitória Lusitana 5: Ira

6: Pactos de Sangue

7: Matança

8: Filhos de um Deus Desconhecido

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