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  • Jason Hesley

INNER VITRIOL: “Endless Spiral” video out now!

After the great feedback received by "Into the Silence I Sink" and several shows, including clubs and festivals under the moniker "VITRIOL”, the Italian band has now changed its name to INNER VITRIOL.

Today, INNER VITRIOL drops the single "Endless Spiral”: the video is now available here. This is a new edition of the song featured on the album "Into The Silence I Sink”, which has been recently re-recorded and rearranged. The recording sessions took place at the Black Crow Recording Studio in Bologna, while mixing duties have been handled by Marco Barusso (LACUNA COIL). Marco D'Agostino took care of the mastering in his 96khz studio in Milan.

Matteo Ermeti created, directed and edited the video.

The song deals with, and represents through a musical allegory, the descent into the spiral of incommunicability. The person who feels misunderstood is increasingly reluctant to share his emotions with others and, consequently, ends up being less and less understood. In the video clip, this concept is represented through a visual dichotomy between the person’s inner self and their relationship with the world, emphasizing the detachment between reflexivity and impulsivity, between intimate contemplation and the energy of the action.

INNER VITRIOL’s sound is a dark progressive metal, an introspective journey that manages to masterfully mix several influences, ranging from 70s prog to death metal. A combination of nuances and feelings that display a clear concept and structure, which is always able to capture the listener's attention, thanks also to highly detailed production values.

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