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  • Jason Hesley

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Drops new single/video, "Cosmopolis (Redux 1924)"

On May 3rd, New York's Imperial Triumphant will release a new version of 2018's Vile Luxury - remixed & remastered by longtime contributor Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts). Upon its initial release, the album set a new standard for the possibilities of extreme music; now, the trio returns with a fresh approach to this seminal record—often considered Imperial Triumphant at their most accessible—allowing stygian dimensions and monolithic intents to seep through.For a preview of Vile Luxury, a new video for "Cosmopolis (Redux 1924)" can be viewed now at: 

Zachary Ezrin (vocals, guitar) comments: "Cosmopolis, great melting pot. New York, the city of molten grandeur. Everything gold and grey, ash and emerald, eventually joins the giant crucible. All is sacrificed in the name of convenience. Wait in line and your turn will come. Welcome to the Cosmopolis." 

Steve Blanco (bass, keyboards) adds: "In the symphony of steel and shadows, echoes of a silent voice transcend the Art Deco facade, revealing the intricate dance of evil, chaos, and order in the Cosmopolis." 

The previously released video for "Swarming Opulence (Redux 1924)" can also be seen at: 

Pre-order the remixed & remastered version of Vile Luxury now here: - where the record is available in the following formats:CD Digipak Hudson River Blue 2LP Chernobyl Radiation Neon Green 2LP Digital Album 

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