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  • Jason Hesley

HYPERIA Presents "Prisoner Of The Mind"

Canadian thrashers HYPERIA, formerly of Calgary, AB, now residing in Vancouver, BC will be self-releasing their new album “Silhouettes of Horror” this coming March 2022. The full-length follows their 2020’s “Insanitorium” unleashed via Sliptrick Records and their 2019 EP “Fish Creek Frenzy”.

The mosh quartet has already shared two songs "Experiment 77" and "Operation Midnight" off the upcoming record, and today they are ready to get the pit moving once again with their third single "Prisoner of The Mind", a song about how we are all slaves to our thoughts and conditioning.

"This song opens with a neo-classical style lead that unleashes into a fast double kick run before transitioning into a thrashy and in-your-face verse. The chorus on this song is arguably the catchiest on the album, with a power-meta-lesque sing-a-long feel to it. Another song that showcases the dynamics of Hyperia between melodic harmonies and balls to the wall thrash." adds guitarist Colin Ryley.

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