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  • Jason Hesley

HYLDR drop their latest Gothic Doom Metal creation, "Nibelungen"

Venture into the depths of Gothic Doom Metal with Belgium's very own HYLDR, unveiling their latest release, "Nibelungen". In the crossroads of darkness and harmonious melody, their music video for "Nibelungen" promises an enthralling journey you won't forget.

Led by Lady IX's captivating vocals and keys, flanked by the potent guitars of VI and Jean Dark, underpinned by Saïko's pulsating drums and Wôde's resonating bass, HYLDR transports you into their fascinating realm. Their atmospheric sound is a treat for fans of Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Ghost, Draconian, Saturnus, and others who appreciate the ominous beauty of Gothic Doom Metal.

The "Nibelungen" music video merges HYLDR's hypnotic music with the spellbinding visuals of Fritz Lang's classic film, "Die Nibelungen". This unique fusion of visual and auditory darkness is inspired by Richard Wagner's monumental work, "Der Ring des Nibelungen."

HYLDR's "Nibelungen" was meticulously recorded, mixed, and mastered at Wavelight Factory by Phil Reinhalter. The precision and clarity of every note, every melody is a testament to the band's unwavering dedication to their craft.

Immerse yourself in the world of HYLDR's "Nibelungen" on Youtube and be captivated by the gothic charm of their sound. This is not just music – it's an adventure into a realm of darkness and mystique.

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