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  • Jason Hesley

Horndal dedicate track, "Be Evil" to Goolge founder!

Google has cut down Horndal’s forest to make way for huge server farms, but the final decision to actually build these farms has not yet been made. In an effort to get a response from Google’s founder, Larry Page, Horndal has reached out by personally sending him a copy of their latest 7” - ‘Be Evil’. A song that makes clear their feelings of Google’s exploitation of their eponymous town’s land.

There’s little irony lost in a company thats motto is “Don’t be evil”, yet contributes to Horndal’s deforestation and plight.
 Horndal is yet to hear back from Page, but maybe you could help us by sharing this message?

 Watch the full music video of the band’s latest single, ‘Be Evil' above.

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