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  • Jason Hesley

Headspawn fires back at intolerance and prejudice with smashing new single!

The Brazilian band Headspawn, coming directly from the Brazilian Northeast (João Pessoa, Paraíba) and one of the greatest and strongest representatives of contemporary Groove Metal, have just released their brand-new songs "Everybody Hates Somebody", first single that will be on the band's forthcoming album entitled "Parasites".

Also released in lyric video format by Raoni Joseph (@rjmultimidia), "Everybody Hates Somebody" is a true retaliation for the violence that certain social groups continue to inflict upon and tarnish humanity, such as an outrageous, unacceptable and deplorable racism, intolerance, persecution based on sexual orientation and/or place of origin, and segregation due to political ideologies.

"On a personal level, I've always fantasized about giving something back in kind all the plague that infests the world. And in this song we pour out all that energy in a hostile way, clearly adorned by killer guitar riffing that accompany the interpretation of the lyrics, culminating in the fiery rage of the chorus", said Alf Cantalice (vocals/guitar).

All the heaviness, aggression, contrasting melody, strength and lyrics of "Everybody Hates Somebody" communicate directly with the nonconformist and combative spirit that "Pretty Ugly People", the excellent and praised debut EP from 2021.

"From the very first riffs that were created for this song, I knew that something very powerful was coming. The chorus really gets stuck in your head, it's extremely heavy and I think it's one of the best songs on the album. I hope it will open up great opportunities for Headspawn in the future", said J.P. Cordeiro (bass).

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