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  • Jason Hesley

HANGMAN'S CHAIR - new album 'A Loner' Out Now!

French based doom metal visionaries HANGMAN’S CHAIR have finally released their latest album "A Loner". The follow-up record to 2018’s "Banlieue Triste" is the band’s sixth studio album and their first record on Germany based, worldwide leading metal label Nuclear Blast Records. Inspired and adorned with true-to-life experiences, HANGMAN'S CHAIR shine again with their recognizable sound and passionate storytelling to deliver a worthy longplayer to their fans after four years. The combination of dark and atmospheric elements together with emotional melodies and harmonies make HANGMAN’S CHAIR stand out as a truly promising prospect in the French metal scene and beyond. To celebrate the release day, their latest single 'Who Wants To Die Alone' comes along with a new music video.

HANGMAN'S CHAIR about their album 'A Loner': "It’s been a long, long way to get to this day and the path was beset with difficulties. And now to hold A LONER in our hands is an accomplishment and a relief, we’re just enjoying the fruits of our labor. The 3 singles we released were a taste of the album and to discover A LONER as a whole will definitely be a different experience that we’re finally happy to share. To celebrate this day, we also released a new video, “WHO WANTS TO DIE OLD”, directed by Oscar Bizarre, filmed in an old disused asylum hidden in the woods near Paris. A music clip that closes the trilogy of A LONER videos."

The album is available now in various formats. Order your copy here:

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