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  • Jason Hesley

Grin to Release "Hush" on February 16th!

In their fourth full-length album, "Hush", GRIN, the Berlin-based power duo of Jan and Sabine Oberg, delve deeper into their psychedelic destiny with a fusion of heavy psych-doom and post-metal. This extensive collection of 16 tracks showcases their evolution since their 2018 debut, blending heavy grooves with unsettling atmospheres that echo both the earthy tones of psychedelic rock and the celestial expanses of post-metal.

"Hush" builds upon the old school essence of their latest EP, "Black Nothingness," transforming six fundamental tracks into a larger Lovecraftian space saga. The album, spanning forty minutes, strikes a bizarre balance between the exotic and the alienating, creating a landscape filled with other-worldly dunescapes, dust bowl mythology, and cosmic horror.

Tracks like "Neon Skies" and "Venom" mix alien cityscapes with haunting chants and fuzzy bass grooves, overlaid with a plethora of alien noises and screeches. Yet, despite this complex layering, GRIN maintains the head-bobbing quality of their music. With straight-up bangers like "Midnight Blue Sorrows" and the fast-paced "Pyramid," "Hush" is not only song-focused but also thematically cohesive, offering a bedazzling journey that combines the unsettling with the skull-crushing.

An unforgettable cinematic experience, "Hush" by GRIN is a masterful blend of textures, grooves, and chilling atmospheres, sure to leave listeners' heads spinning and minds tripping in a space between the lo-fi and the highly dynamic.

Additional info:Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin.Artwork & Layout by Mirkow Gastow.

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