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  • Jason Hesley

Garden Gnome release "Phegnomenology of Spirit"

Track Listing: 1. Die Stunde ihrer Geburt (01:52) 2. Phegnomenology of Spirit (03:17) 3. Das Ding an Sich (Am Ende wird Gnomenhauer als der wahre Erbe des Gnomewegian Idealismus gefeiert werden) (02:10) 4. Getötet von der Dialektik (03:29)

Garden Gnome Lore:

Hegelgnome delved deeper into the Herz and Gemüter of the Gnomewegians than any philosopher who came before him. He konfrontierte them with the harsh Realitäten of their Daseins, and he challenged their glaubensinhalte, causing a rupture in the once harmonisch Gnomeway. The Gnomewegians, unaccustomed to such philosophical upheaval, became severely geteilt over the profound Fragen posed by Hegelgnome. Passionate Debatten often escalated into bitter Streitfragen, and factions emerged, each interpreting Hegelgnome's Lehre in their own way. The once-united Gnomeway now stood fractured in the Dialektik, and animosity seethed among its inhabitants. Fueled by their fervor for Verständnis, some Gnomewegians took extreme actions to prove the validity of their interpretations. They formed zealous Gruppen that clashed with one another, their disagreements on capitalism escalating into violence. The fog of confusion that Hegelgnome had invoked seemed to suffocate all, leaving only destruction and sorrow in the wake of the intellektuellen Krieges. Hegelgnome saw the Konsequenzen of his actions unfold before him. He was warned by Gnomenhauer that his pursuits to illuminate the World-Geist would only activate malevolent realisms. The defeat weighed heavily on Hegelgnome's Schultern. He questioned the morality of his actions and the limits of philosophischen Erkundung. The ethical principles he had espoused seemed to crumble under the harsh reality of the devastation he had inadvertently wrought. He had failed to consider the fragility of the Gnomewegian social fabrik. And he banished himself, hoping that one day Gnomeway would cleanse itself of any record of his verbose prose.

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