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  • Jason Hesley

Frozen Wreath Unveils 'Mea Culpa'

Building on the acclaim garnered from their debut album, 'Memento Mori', Hungarian atmospheric black metal duo Frozen Wreath are set to release their eagerly awaited second album this September. Titled 'Mea Culpa', the album delves deep into the harrowing topic of suicide, examining it from various angles.

To set the stage for 'Mea Culpa', Frozen Wreath has released a poignant music video that perfectly encapsulates the somber mood and conceptual depth of the album. The video provides a glimpse into the introspective journey listeners can anticipate from the complete album.

'Mea Culpa' will be available on CD and digital platforms via Filosofem Records this September. Fans of early Dimmu Borgir and Catamenia will find resonance with the evocative and profound sounds of Frozen Wreath.

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