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  • Jason Hesley

French post metal band Cancel the Apocalypse releases their second album in June!

French post metal band Cancel The Apocalypse releases their sophomore album "Terminus Stairway" in June 10th 2022. Now they premiere a single "I should Never Have a Stop" from the upcoming album.

Cancel the Apocalypse backgrounds the new single:

"I should never have a stop is a surrealistic and dystopia metaphor. Some scary carnivorous animals entered Paris looking for blood. They wrote their laws on the Eiffel tower. They forgot what they were. They forgot wisdom. They’re no longer led by nature and justice, they’re led by vengeance. They bite, they hurt, they told us to stop being humans, to stop talking, playing and existing. Humans preferred the forest and the sea, to escape from this new urban madness."

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