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We are pleased to announce that Finnish melodic death metal newcomer SHADE OF SORROW are the latest talent to collaborate with M-Theory Audio and we look forward to the completion of their debut album.

The one-man project is spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist Mika Kankainen, the former drummer of Finnish bands WWOC, Soul Terror, and Warceremony. With SHADE OF SORROW, Mika plays all instruments including drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, while also handling vocals showcasing his immense talent and virtuosity.

"My dream came true as M- Theory Audio contacted me and proposed a collaboration with Shade of Sorrow,” explains Mika. “I know they have a huge amount of professional experience in the field of music business, and I really think that the company has a heartful purpose of lifting promising bands and music up for the masses. Needless to say, I´m super stoked about this collaboration and will make sure that we will get a hell of a debut album to release! There is a lot of passion, big dreams and a huge work ethic behind this project and I’m really looking forward for the future release and collaboration with M-Theory Audio!”

The genesis of this band started back in 2017 when demo songs were sent to friend and collaborator Tuomas Saukkonen (Wolfheart, Before the Dawn, Dawn of Solace, etc.) who promptly agreed to produce. Fast forward to 2020, their busy schedules finally lined up and they went into the studio to record the first two SHADE OF SORROW songs -- “No Return” and “Fabricated Hope,” each receiving glowing reviews. Both songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Esa Uusimaa (Wolfheart, Rain of Acid, Crowen) with vocals produced by Juha Kylmanen (Full Nothing, For My Pain…) from Whiteleaf Studios. Those two songs were then followed up by a stand-alone digital single “Meteor” in 2022, which Tuomas from Wolfheart played some acoustic guitar on. Videos were made for all 3 songs, with a highlight being “No Return,” which gives you a great taste of what’s to come and can be seen HERE.

All 3 songs will be available on the forthcoming full-length release, along with 6 new ones once again produced by Saukkonen.

More information on SHADE OF SORROW and the upcoming album release will be revealed later this year at and by M-Theory Audio.

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