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EPICA - launches new Vlog about the artwork and concept of 'ΩMEGA’!

Dutch Symphonic metal band EPICA will release their new album ‘Ωmega' on February 26th through Nuclear Blast. Today the band reveals their 14th vlog and give an insight about the songwriting, the album concept and the artwork created by Heilemania.

Pre-order the album in the format of your choice, here:


"This month our new album "Ωmega" will finally be released, thank you for all your patience! In this vlog we talk about some lyrical concepts and personal views about our road to "Ωmega". Also we go more in-depth into the cover arte with Heile", comments Mark Jansen.

Also join EPICA on their 'road to ΩMEGA’ with daily specials, competitions, giveaways and more:

Isaac Delahaye comments: “Our brand-new album ‘Ωmega’ will be released later this month on the 26th of February. We know that it has been a long time waiting for the fans. So to help you count down the days, and to celebrate the release of our new album, we will take you with us on “The Road to Ωmega” from February 1st until its release on the 26th. Every day you can enter the EPICA maze with lots of prizes, goodies and giveaways to be found! Every day a new door opens with awesome stuff provided by us and/or by the great companies we work with. Every day it is yours for the taking. So come along and let’s embark on this journey together!“

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