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  • Jason Hesley

Dutch Black Metal entity Schavot premiere third single "Niet alleen de avond valt"

At present, VOID WANDERER PRODUCTIONS & WAR PRODUCTIONS are thrilled to announce the second full-length album 'KRONIEKEN UIT DE NEVEL' by the Dutch black metal entity SCHAVOT

A release date is set for January 27th, 2023 and shall come in the following formats:

CD / DIGITAL / MC (CD as 6 panel digipack limited to 200 copies, MC limited to 50 copies)

'Kronieken uit de nevel' (chronicles from the fog) is the second full-length by Dutch Black Metal entity Schavot. The eight tracks of Melodic Black Metal are recorded by multi-instrumentalist Floris who's wellspring contains a brew of second wave of Black Metal bands, like Emperor, Satyricon and Ulver. Schavot plays fast black metal with bruising drums, varied vocals and melodic guitars, obscured with a cloak of freezing synths.

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