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  • Jason Hesley

Dope Skum (Sludge/Stoner Metal) to release the single "Folk Magic" on nov. 11th!

Dope Skum are a two-piece sludge/stoner metal band from Chattanooga, TN (similar to Weedeater, Toke, Bongzilla, and early Helmet). They are releasing a new single, "Folk Magic," on Nov 11th (11/11/22), and would love for y'all to give it a listen.

Inspiration: In the Appalachian Mountains, there's a long and storied tradition of folk magic that today is often referred to as granny magic or granny witchcraft. Passed down from generation to generation, folks of the mountains and foothills used religious texts, herbal medicine, and homemade remedies to treat their communities. "Folk Magic", although mostly instrumental, intends to pay homage to those granny witches of the past and the rich culture of Appalachia.


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