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  • Jason Hesley

Death Ray Vision to Drop New Album “No Mercy From Electric Eyes” on June 30 via Metal Blade Records!

Birthed at the juncture where hardcore and punk meet metal, DEATH RAY VISION have announced their forthcoming third album, No Mercy From Electric Eyes, due out June 30 via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order it here.

‘Behead the King’ is about the helplessness you feel watching the world burn around you and being powerless to do anything about it,” says guitarist Pete Cortese. “It was a blast working with director Anthony Jarvis on the video.

This new Death Ray Vision record is ready to rip your face off,” shares bassist Mike D’Antonio. “With release day imminent, we are very excited to unveil the newest DRV video for ‘Behead the King.’ Paying homage to Boston, both past and present, it features DRV’s newest member – Keith Bennett on vocals. Filled with blistering riffs and mind-melting breakdowns, get ready for No Mercy From Electric Eyes.


01. Behead the King

02. In Unholy Water

03. From the Rafters

04. Reaper

05. Premature Evisceration

06. Praise the War Machine

07. Broken Hands of God

08. An Iron Age

09. Armageddon Is the Answer

10. O Great Destroyer

11. Crawl Forth the Cowards

12. End Me

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