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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band PLAGUE OF THE FALLEN to release debut full length album AMONGST THE RATS!

New Zealand death metal band PLAGUE OF THE FALLEN are ready to launch a razor-sharp, brutal slab of death metal upon the underground scene with their full length debut ‘AMONGST THE RATS.’ The band plays what they call ‘Vicious Death Metal’, a horrific and uncompromising melting pot consisting of a more traditional approach to death metal and the crushing sonic sounds of modern audio engineering.

PLAGUE OF THE FALLEN was founded over a decade ago and became an integral part of the Christchurch and greater New Zealand scenes. They have built their name up through the years with sterling live performances alongside such renowned acts as ULCERATE, BLIND FOLDED, LED TO THE WOODS, DEFEATED SANITY, and SKELETAL REMAINS.

‘AMONGST THE RATS,’ and its sickening and necrotic sound, is captured through the mix and mastering job from Demigod Recordings. Fast paced and savage but dense and sweltering, the album captures the deadly inferno of the most extreme death metal while forging a modern, monstrous sound all their own.

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