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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band MIND CONFLICT release debut album ‘TEMPLE OF GOD’

Death metal band MIND CONFLICT unleashes the rabid animal that is their full-length debut album ‘TEMPLE OF GOD.’  Musically, the album contains the gritty, energetic tendencies of old school death metal but drenched in the vicious no hold barred attitude of 90’s metallic hardcore. 

MIND CONFLICT is a duo split between Western Europe and the Middle East.  The band went through a variety of line up changes and styles before settling on the rampaging ideals of bloodthirsty death metal and the against the grain assault of metallic hardcore. 

'TEMPLE OF GOD' infuses filthy riffs, mountainous rhythms, and hellish growls with songwriting prowess that is dedicated to their craft and to spreading it across the globe. Their lyrics center on overcoming world events that threaten their lives, speaking out about the adversities they have faced directly. In a world that wants to do nothing more than silence, MIND CONFLICT are here to let their music speak for them. 

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