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  • Jason Hesley

Czech shamanic doomsters TRAHIR release their full-length debut!

Mixing 70's stoner heavy rock with a very energetic shamanic show, TRAHIR plays in a classical four hpiece "Sabbath line-up”. They are hypnotizing crowds with psyched riffs, catchy melodies and their wizardry. Easily recognizable between others waving magic staff and opening portals to realms of druids from hell. Their debut full length album is full of doom metal, heavy metal and hard rock tunes all spiced up with the vibe of a wizards using their third eyes as a portal to the infinite well of unknown to be unveiled.

After a support for many bands such as Candlemass /Swe/, Hällas /Swe/, Spirit Adrift /USA/, 1000mods /Gr/, Ufomammut /Ita/, Demon Head /Dk/, The Hazytones /Can/ and Castle /USA/, touring in Bohemia summer festivals as well as German clubs, Trahir will be on tour promoting their album “Whose Hearts Petrified” in 2023.

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