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  • Jason Hesley

CREPITATION Release New Single "Rancid Blubbery Encrustments!"

Slamming brutal death grinders Crepitation has unveiled the third and final single from their upcoming new album, Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity.

"'Rancid Blubbery Encrustments" sees Crepitation max out on the deathgrind element of their sound. Utter musical chaos delivered at blistering speeds with some vocal highlights of the album, guaranteed to crack a smile on the most elitist of death gatekeepers.

Stream "'Rancid Blubbery Encrustments" now at

Check out additional songs from Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity on Spotify and Apple Music.

A staple of the UK death metal scene, the band is set to return with their sophomore full-length titled Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity. The album is being released by Australian extreme metal label Vicious Instinct Records on June 23rd, 2023. Work on the record has been underway for several years now but with the world imploding recently, the lads lacked the ability to rehearse as a band which initially affected the writing process. With improvisation, they found new ways to make music which has further developed the sound you hear on the album.

Tapping into a variety of musical inspirations, the album sounds like Crepitation, but with more Crepitation. Faster, slower, more tech, more silly, more grind, more extreme, and more stupid. Vicious Instinct Records is very proud to be releasing this record on behalf of Crepitation and we couldn't be happier to share it with the world. Merch and media pre-orders are live, everything is limited to one pressing.

Pre-order Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity at:

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