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  • Jason Hesley

Corrupted Flesh Records presents Saidan / Klanen Split!

A pairing of two of the hottest artists in USBM underground on one release. SAIDAN, who released one of the most sought after underground BM demos "Onryō: Vengeful Spirits In The Eastern Night" through Forgotten Sorcery last year, has joined forces with the one-man essence that is KLANEN, who made a name for himself with his "I Command the Night to Fall" demo.

Each band contributes three new songs to this split LP, which was released last year already on tape. The split was essentially planned in both formats from the start as a co-release of underground vinyl authorities Corrupted Flesh Records (GER) and Jems Label (US) joining forces with Crowne and Throne (tape). Due to the covid-induced delays on vinyl production skyrocketing turnaround times for the past two years, however, it took nearly a year for Corrupted Flesh and partner label Jems to finally get their hands on these beauties and, boy, were they worth the wait! An instant all-time favorite for many and one of the most hard-hitting BM underground LPs of the past years!

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