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  • Jason Hesley

Charun's debut EP “Impending decline” is out now!

Five tracks that blend the melodic taste inspired by Immolation and Morbid Angel with the steamroller Deicide-like rhythm section and with some Emperor's black metal ideas. The lyrics smell like blood, death and fear.

Everything is wisely merged thanks to the mastery acquired from the veterans' experience, who keep honoring the old school death metal with the new moniker Charun.

On paper it's a debut EP but this definition is misleading: “Impending decline” is a heap of brutality that knows how to get to the ears and to the dark soul of the most demanding death metallers, also thanks to the Virus Recording Studio in Monteriggioni (SI) where these songs have been recorded, mixed and mastered.

Impending decline” is available now via New Density Records in both physical and digital copy.

Please contact the band or the label on their social media or via email to buy it.

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