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  • Jason Hesley

Chaos Doctrine reveals ambitious roadmap for 2024, starting with the re-release of 'Lifting the Veil' leading up to the launch of their third album 'Bellum'

Johannesburg's industrialised thrash metal force, Chaos Doctrine, is gearing up for an extraordinary year, unveiling a captivating array of plans sure to resonate with fans and enthusiasts of industrial and metal genres. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as Chaos Doctrine prepares for a slew of releases leading up to the release of their third studio album, 'Bellum' on Friday 26 April, followed by an explosive official launch show on Saturday 27 April at Studio 69.'Bellum' is a 9-track auditory masterpiece, poised to leave an indelible mark in the band's illustrious discography, succeeding their self-titled debut (2018), 'The Chaos Chronicles Volume I' EP (2019), and their impactful sophomore album 'And in the Beginning ... They Lied' (2021).

The excitement kicks off today as Chaos Doctrine initiates a thrilling journey towards the album release by re-launching the first of three fan-favourite singles 'Lifting the Veil' today. This will be followed by the re-release of 'Martyr' (Clement V mix) on 9 February, and 'One of My Bad Days' on 29 March, all of which will be featured on the track listing for ‘Bellum’.


Notably, Metal Hammer recognised two of these tracks, honouring 'Martyr' in 2022 and 'One of My Bad Days' in 2023 with an illustrious spot in their respective best songs of the year lists.This unveiling will be accompanied by exclusive limited-edition merchandise, courtesy of their collaboration with FreakFlag. The climax of this prelude comes on 29 March with the premiere of a captivating music video for 'One of My Bad Days,' crafted by the brilliant Pierre Smith, renowned for his work on 'Father Grigori.'Moreover, Chaos Doctrine showcases their versatility with two ambitious cover projects, set to be unveiled on 23 February and 12 April, adding an extra layer of anticipation for their dedicated following. As if that's not enough, a brand-new single, 'Heretic,' is slated for release on 19 April, just days before the album's grand debut on 26 April.

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