• Jason Hesley

CANNIBAL ACCIDENT: Finnish death-grind unit premieres new album "Nekrokluster"

Finnish death-grind merchants CANNIBAL ACCIDENT prepare to release their new album "Nekrokluster" (Time To Kill Records) this Friday, 26th February 2021. Preceding its official release, No Clean Singing is now hosting an exclusive premiere of the record at THIS LOCATION! After various splits, EPs and three impressively brutal albums, CANNIBAL ACCIDENT are getting ready to return to the scene stronger than ever. The band is going to strike back with their typical blend of raw, groovy grindcore and death metal that reeks of that unmistakable stench, away from modern trickery and trends. With the songs on "Nekrokluster" CANNIBAL ACCIDENT deliver their death metal side more than ever before but the rotten vibes of necroculinary old school grindcore with neckbreaking mosh parts are still very much present as well.

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