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  • Jason Hesley

CAEDEOUS Releases New Video for “Surge Tenebris” Out of Well-Acclaimed Album “Obscurus Perpetua”!

The latest album “Obscurus Perpetua” is out for a few months, but the feedback about this release was so good that the symphonic black metal band CAEDEOUS decided to share a new video to thank old and new fans for the great support!

A new official video is now available for the track # 4 entitled “Surge Tenebris”! Watch it on the band’s YouTube channel right now!

CAEDEOUS is a project by the Portuguese composer and instrumentalist Paulo J. Mendes. The official recordings of “Obscurus Perpetua” began in 2021, with Paulo J. Mendes assumed all instruments (bass, guitar, piano, drums), while later D.M.

(HELIOSS, CELESTIAL SWARM) joined the project on main vocals and growls. “Obscurus Perpetua” is a new stepstone for CAEDEOUS that embraces a new sound and project philosophy marking a new era moving forward.

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