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  • Jason Hesley


For years now Black Knife have been making a name for themselves in the extreme underground with their fast and furious metalpunk style, evoking some of the sleaziest elements of artists like Venom and Midnight. Want to call it black metal? Want to call it crust punk? The label doesn’t matter; it’s just nasty and wild! Their 2021 album Murder

Season sent fans into a frenzy, their 2022 split with Bastard Cröss drove listeners mad, and the recent 4-way album Faster Than The Fucking Devil with Wraith, Graveripper, and Unholy Night destroyed speakers and melted minds!

Black Knife is preparing to unleash more unrelenting filth and evil smut this year, but you can consider this 2023’s first taste of chaos!

Live at Haus of Yarga is the band’s first live album, recorded messy and raw on July 29th 2022 at Haus of Yarga in Philadelphia. There are no cuts or dubs; this is Black Knife’s performance from that night presented as is: dirty and deranged. If you’re looking for something well-polished then you should run and hide, because this is lo-fi DIY

grime straight from the stage! Just crank up the volume and let the metalpunk mayhem ensue! Live at Haus of Yarga will be available on cassette tape from Morbid And Miserable Records on February 24th

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