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  • Jason Hesley

Benighted Announce Canadian Tour w/ Cognitive!

On their upcoming new album, Benighted crawl through a house of horrors. Ekbom doesn't tread so much as it tramples the line between sanity and madness. After all, the title takes its name from a real-life syndrome that makes people believe their skin is infested with bugs.

Earlier this week, the band released the album's third single, "Metastasis", which with its malignant chorus, is bound to break necks.

Today, the French tech-death brutes are announcing that they'll be slithering across the ocean this fall to treat Canadian metalheads with a heavy dose of Ekbom. They'll be joined on tour by New Jersey technical death metal malevolents Cognitive.

"Canada!! Finally, after 9 years, we'll be back", says vocalist Julien Truchan. "We can't control our excitement to arrive and show you our new album, Ekbom, live on stage! We'll have the pleasure to do this Canadian Infestation tour along with our brothers in Cognitive. Let's make this tour unforgettable together!"

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