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  • Jason Hesley

Behold the cold truth of "Elysiism" by Wormhole!

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

WORMHOLE are tech-slamming their way across the U.S. while out on tour with NecroticGoreBeast, Cognitive and Analepsy. The Baltimore band have been giving crowds a taste of their new album 'Almost Human', including the glitchy, devastating lead single "System Erase". Today, they're premiering the album's second single with Death Metal Supply. Watch the official music video HERE.

"Elysiism" shows off a slightly more melodic side to Wormhole. Don't get it twisted: when the breakdown does comes in, it's here to demolish you. The blast beats whirl with such force that vocalist James Kersey sounds like he's growling into a black hole. But while the riffs are still plenty crushing, they're also pretty catchy, warmed by pixelated pangs of dissonance courtesy of brothers Sanil and Sanjay Kumar.

"“Elysiism” describes existential dread and the human experience", says Wormhole. "This song is about reflecting on one's environment through a negative lens, but coming to understand how the hardship has helped mold and build oneself."

'Almost Human' will be released on 22 September, 2023 by Season of Mist. Pre-save the album HERE. Pre-order it HERE.

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