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  • Jason Hesley

Asidie release "A Restless Mind"

ASIDIE presents "Inside a Restless Mind," a sincere odyssey into the realms of gothic metal blended with melodic doom. Formed in 2017, the band's journey has been one of evolution and self-discovery, reflected profoundly in their music.

The album speaks through the haunting vocals of Asator, whose introspective delivery guides listeners through emotions that are both personal and universal. Backed by Pizzu's bass and Ironcross's guitars and drum programming, ASIDIE crafts an intimate atmosphere that invites you to share in their contemplations.

"Inside a Restless Mind" is an exploration of the human experience, unearthing themes of darkness, melancholy, and even aggression. ASIDIE's commitment to sincerity and raw expression shines through in every note, allowing listeners to connect on a deeply human level.

In a world of noise and chaos, "Inside a Restless Mind" is a humble offering, an invitation to pause and reflect on the complexities of existence. ASIDIE doesn't seek to boast; they seek to share their genuine experiences, inviting you to find solace and connection in their music.

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