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  • Jason Hesley

ARCHSPIRE Put Their Money Where Their Mouth is With Out-of-this-World Video for "Bleed the Future"

ARCHSPIRE are hella famous now. You can find them in the club, popping bottles and showing off their JUNO award.

In true rock star fashion, instead of paying off their massive gambling debts, the Canadian band decided to take everyone's Kickstarter money and record the most disgusting, uproarious, and out-of-this world expensive music video in the history of technical death metal.

Watch the video premiere of "Bleed the Future" on Season of Mist's YouTube channel RIGHT NOW. All five members of Archspire will be available for questioning during the stream. But considering Big Jimmy took their thumbs, they probably won't be able to do much typing...

ARCHSPIRE has this to say about the video:

"Attention Archspire fans:

If you or someone you know works in the electronics department at any department store we strongly urge you to hijack all tv's at exactly 10 am PST Thursday July 20th and subject all morning shoppers to our brand new, totally "family friendly" music video! If you do not work at a department store (which you probably should. They have flexible hours and great benefits) we ask that you mark this time and date on your hot firefighters calendar, invite your parents, grandparents and/or any small children in your family over, turn on your TV, turn up your stereo and enjoy this official Archspire live video premiere!

We guarantee it will be the best family fun viewing event since that titty popped out at that sports game (or whatever).

' This message brought to you by the Global Management Team of Walmart'"

"Bleed the Future" is available in various formats via the Season of Mist shop HERE. The album can be found on all digital platforms HERE.

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