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  • Jason Hesley

APOKRISIS unleashes a killer brand new video!

Brazilian Progressive Thrash/Death Metal titans APOKRISIS unleash their brand new official music video for "Souls Collector", taken from their devastating debut album, "Misanthropy" re-released earlier this year through the european label UNP Music. The video was a co-production between the band and the company Santart Audiovisual (@santartphotos)

The premiere took place during the third day of the first edition of the Metal Na Lata Online Fest, a solidary event created to help a family in need of special equipment for the care of their son Rafael, who sadly passed away just days before the festival took place. All funds were donated to help cover all of the families expenses after the tragic loss of their son. Watch "Souls Collector" here: Rodrigo Sanner (vocal) comments: "It is one of my favorite songs; dense, fast, super technical, very heavy and with an explosive chorus. I don't think we could be more assertive in choosing this one, as the opening track of the album. It's lyrics reflect the depression in several aspects and the last moments of a life of ills, fanaticism and psychopathy perfectly matching the instrumental nuances and the predominantly blue color on video related to depressions disorder." Alexandre Tamarossi (drums) comments: “This song is special, because it was the first composed by the current line up and it synthesizes all influences of the band members in the most balanced way possible, Death, Thrash, Heavy and even Hard Rock.” Evandro Bezerra (guitar) comments: "This song was created with several influences of thrash and melodic death metal, its structure was carefully thought to be a heavy and technical sound. Putting it all together it became one of the most complex songs and one of my favorite Misanthropy songs.“ Emerson Soares (bass) comments: "It's perhaps the most challenging song for Apokrisis, not because of its nearly 8 minutes duration, but because of the technical challenge that the song became even during the writing process. It mixes everything the band likes most musically: Thrash Metal, Progressive and technical passages, vocals characteristic of Death Metal and a lot of energy connecting all of that. It brings a musical balance that says a lot about the band.” "Misanthropy" is available to stream or purchase on all major platforms via the bands official links.

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