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  • Jason Hesley

ALTERIUM drop the video for "Drag Me To Hell"

Following their recent signing with powerhouse label AFM Records, ALTERIUM, the new Italian power metal quintet led by Nicoletta Rosellini (ex. Kalidia, Walk in Darkness), has shared a music video for their first album single "Drag Me To Hell"!

As Nicoletta recently revealed: “I am finally happy to present you Alterium, my new power metal adventure. In the past months, we have poured our hearts and souls into crafting a debut album that harmonizes captivating melodies, powerful guitar riffs, and thunderous drums. The result is a strong debut album that we are eagerly anticipating to share with all of you."

About the band's first single release, the exceptional vocalist says:"'Drag Me To Hell' captures the entire power metal essence of Alterium, combining strong guitar riffs and captivating melodies that blend with themes related to the world of Warcraft, one of my greatest passions. In this track, we tell part of the story of heroic paladin Bolvar Fordragon, who, after surviving dragon’s flames, makes the ultimate sacrifice of sitting upon the Frozen Throne, becoming the ruler of the Scourge."

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