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ALLGEMA Drops New Single: "BLACK SHEEP" from Upcoming Album 'Find The Way Out'

Brace yourselves for an electrifying surge of Groove Metal as ALLGEMA, the Lisbon-based powerhouse, prepares to release their debut album "Find The Way Out" on October 12th, 2023. As a tantalizing prelude to this impending release, the band unleashes their first single "BLACK SHEEP", a testament to unity, resilience, and helping one another overcome life's adversities.

"BLACK SHEEP" serves as a musical beacon of solidarity, reflecting the importance of standing by each other through life's trials. This anthemic track captures the essence of ALLGEMA's vision - no one left behind, a testament to the band's ethos of unity and support. The single serves as a precursor to their debut album "Find The Way Out," promising a sonic journey through their Groove Metal prowess.

Mark your calendars for August 29th, 2023, as ALLGEMA opens the gates for pre-sales of their debut album "Find The Way Out." Be sure to secure your copy through their official website: and

"FIND THE WAY OUT" is poised to redefine the Groove Metal landscape. Comprising João Pedro Silva (drums), Edgar Alves (vocals), Alexandre Duarte (bass), Hernâni Carapinha (guitar), and Edgar Milhais (guitar), ALLGEMA is on a mission to create music that resonates powerfully. Building upon the foundation laid by their EP "EYES WITHOUT SOUL" (2020), the band's debut album is a culmination of growth, creative maturity, and a dedication to their craft.

"FIND THE WAY OUT" transcends mere music; it's an exploration of personal experiences, beliefs, and influences, woven into a tapestry of sound. Embracing themes of liberation, self-determination, and autonomy, the album encapsulates the journey of taking control over thoughts, choices, and actions. With an introspective edge, each track resonates with authenticity and relatability.

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the skilled hands of Ricardo Fernandes at Dynamix Studio in Lisbon, "FIND THE WAY OUT" bears the hallmark of quality. This debut release features not only ALLGEMA's signature sound but also exciting collaborations, including vocalist Sandra Oliveira (Blame Zeus) on the track "HOME" and producer Ricardo Fernandes on the title track "FIND THE WAY OUT."

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