• Jason Hesley


Portuguese slamming, brutal death metal band ANALEPSY has partnered up with Agonia Records for the exclusive vinyl release and distribution of its upcoming new album. After taking the scene by surprise with their lauded 2017 debut "Atrocities from Beyond", the Lisbon-based act is gearing up to deliver more cosmic riffage in the shape of a new installment, whose details will be soon revealed.

ANALEPSY's sound can be described as a crossover between old-school brutal death metal and modern melodic elements. The correct pronunciation of the name of the band is "uh-nuh-leh-psy" [ʌnʌlepsy], and it was chosen due to its (now obsolete) meaning: recovery of strength after an illness. The band was formed in late 2013 and started gaining popularity with the single "Genetic Mutations". Their short discography embraces the 2015 EP "Dehumanization by Supremacy", followed by 2017 debut album "Atrocities from Beyond" and split release "The Kraanialepsy Split", to whom the band was invited by Kraanium. The release of "Atrocities from Beyond" was met with growing interest and turned the eyes of many towards the band. In the months that followed its release, ANALEPSY wonthe Portuguese W:O:A Metal Battle, to later perform at Wacken Open Air 2017. Their first show outside Europe led them to Japan in 2019. The recording of ANALEPSY's sophomore installment commenced in August, entailing the skills of guitarist/co-founder Marco Martins, guitarist/vocalist Calin Paraschiv (ex-Pestilence), bassist João Jacinto and ex-drummer Tiago Correia. The album is expected to be released & distributed in 2022 by the joint effort between Miasma Records, Vomit Your Shirt and Agonia Records (vinyl only). ANALEPSY commented: "We can’t wait to present our most recent work. This has been a tight process, and despite all the changes the band went through, everything worked like clockwork. The essence of our music lives on!"

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