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  • Jason Hesley

Abstrakt to release Uncreation on February 25th!

Finnish Helsinki-based symphonic death/black metal band Abstrakt is set to release their second album Uncreation on February 25th 2021 via Inverse Records.


Abstrakt was formed by Nightderanger and Azul Corax in spring of 2008. Abstrakt was a two-man project and our first demo was recorded with session musicians in February 2011. Progress was slow but steady and after two more demos, we began to create our first album, Obsidian and to recruit more musicians. Obsidian was published in November 2013 and finally in spring of 2014 it was time for our first gig. Shortly after our first gigs, we were again without a drummer and bassist. Nightderanger, Azul Corax and Apostate continued composing new material. In August 2016 we recorded our last demo so far which included three songs which all are included in our second album. We regained a full line-up and some gigs were played. In January 2019 the final recordings of our second album had begun, slowly but surely and the recordings were completed in October 2020. Now our second album, UNCREATION, is finished and Abstrakt is in its best shape ever, hungrier, angrier and better than ever before.

Tracklist: 1. Ex Vanitas 2. From Chaos to Creation 3. Etherstorms 4. The Great Chasm of Humanity 5. Prophet of Fire 6. The Ascendant 7. Inferno 8. Radiant Darkness 9. Screaming for Vengeance 10. Uncreation

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