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  • Jason Hesley

1914 Releases Ukraine T-Shirt + Get Your Re-Issue of the Monumental Album “Eschatology of War"

Since their formation in 2014, Ukrainian blackened death/doom metal visionaries 1914 have told the gruesome tales of World War I, charting this inexorable path through history with their guiding debut album, Eschatology of War (2015). After a digital re-release in April 2021 and due to high demand, the album will now appear in various exciting physical fan editions this year via Napalm Records. After 1914 had to cancel their summer festival shows due to the ongoing war in their home country, these new editions will hopefully serve as a glimpse of light for their fans, until the band will finally be able to bring their matchless intensity back to the stages again. In addition to the reissues, 1914 has released a new Ukraine support “Onto Victory” shirt. The profits of the shirts will go to the band. Due to the current situation in Ukraine and as the band is currently not allowed to leave the country, 1914 had to cancel their All Quiet On The Western Front tour that was scheduled for April/May 2023.

1914 state: "You can help us to win this war. Every sold t-shirt will be converted into a donation. Every donation will be converted into vehicles, helmets, armored plates, medicine and drones for our defenders. Let's win this horrible war against dictatorship, fascism, tyranny and the cult of personality together!" Dive into the intense world of 1914 and re-watch the video for “Zeppelin Raids” HERE!

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