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  • Jason Hesley

Wytch Hazel to Release New LP, ‘IV: Sacrament’ on June 2nd 2023!

Ascending British hard rock sect, Wytch Hazel, will release its new album, ‘IV: Sacrament‘, on June 2 via Bad Omen Records. Recorded with longtime producer Ed Turner (Purson) and tracked in a converted Baptist chapel in rural Wales, the record is a resounding achievement and glittering treasure chest that builds on the momentum of the band’s celebrated 2020 album ‘III: Pentecost‘.

Having been glorified by Under the Radar as “an invocation of rock and roll at its purest and, more specifically, of all that made the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the late ’70s so special“, causing Metal Injection to opine, “Wytch Hazel is arguably one of the best heavy metal bands out there right now and everyone should be listening to them” and described by Metal Hammer as “Quintessentially British-sounding proto-heavy metal, steeped in the mystical harmonies of Wishbone Ash, the heartfelt balladry of Thin Lizzy and the eccentric folk rock of Jethro Tull” each Wytch Hazel album has embodied that old-fashioned notion of unstoppable progress culminating in this, their fourth outing; the point where youthful years of febrile creativity and progressive momentum culminate in a masterwork for the ages, setting the seal on an early signature sound while opening it up to future possibilities.

Pre-orders for Wytch Hazel‘s ‘IV: Sacrament‘ are now live at:

In advance of the new record’s release, Wytch Hazel unleashes a music video for the new song “Angel of Light”. Created by Wild Stag Studios (Angel Witch, Rick Wakeman), the clip features Wytch Hazel performing in a devout setting, showcasing the radiant energy of its purified live sets.

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