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WTF Records presents Brix’n Mortar’s debut full-length, Something Ain’t Right!

WTF Records presents Brix’n Mortar’s debut full-length, Something Ain’t Right, scheduled for 21 July on CD and Digital. A vinyl release will take place in a few months (most likely by September).

In 2018, Salem’s Brix’n Mortar emerged, drawing inspiration from hardcore, Oi!, and rock cultures thriving in Boston and Europe. Despite their relatively brief tenure, the band members boast an extensive background in the vibrant Massachusetts music landscape. Troy Schoeller, the vocalist and bassist, led Boston’s esteemed brick-wall Oi! band Razors in the Night, with releases on renowned labels like Contra Records (Germany), Longshot Music, Pirates Press, and 4Subculture Records (Czech). Joey Osborne, the guitarist, was a founding member of the punk band Chanticlear, while Devon Hunt, the drummer, was a founding member of the death metal band Sexcrement. Most recently, both Devon and Joey have filled out the Razors in the Night lineup for various shows.

Brix’n Mortar released their inaugural studio offering, Poison Words, in August 2019. Featuring eight tracks, the EP is an unapologetic display of unbridled aggression and pure rage with the melodic sing-a-longs of bar room Oi!.

Now, Brix’n Mortar brings a barrage of new noises to the street with their debut album, Something Ain’t Right. Across the album’s 10 songs, the Massachusetts trio delves into various compelling themes, from reflecting on human social nature and embracing the power of unity and resilience to delving into personal struggles and inspiring relentless perseverance. Indeed, upholding positivity and battling negativity remains the recurring theme, but the album also includes intense narratives like the lead single, “People Like You,” a gripping murder ballad. Additionally, the latter part of the album pays tribute to departed friends and vents frustration with politics. Concluding on a high note, Brix’n Mortar delivers a spirited cover of the ’80s hit “Don’t Change” by INXS.

Album cover art was done by Juan Jose Saldarriaga, best known for his works on horror movies such as The Return of the Living Dead, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Hocus Pocus, Fright Night, and Deathdrop Gorgeous.

Track Listing:

01. Hail the Wolf

02. This One’s for Us

03. No Place

05. Poison Words

06. Something Ain’t Right

07. With or Without You

08. Angels

09. Till My Heart Stops

10. Don’t Change

Pre-Order: (CD pre-order goes live this week; Vinyl comes a few months later)

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